Euphoria is a wonderful feeling. It is a sense of overwhelming excitement and happiness. But it is not sustainable in this life. In fact, if we lean on euphoria, on very real and powerful emotions, then we can easily be deceived. Listening to the experiences of those in other religions will open your eyes to a certain fact: experience can’t define ultimate truth. It can lead us toward the truth, for sure. Muslims in foreign countries are being lead to hear the gospel by dreams and visions. These are very real experiences and they come from the Lord. But our experiences do not define truth.

The reason why God gave us His Word was so that we would have a standard that goes beyond our own experience. Something to measure our emotions, thoughts, and actions against. Without this, there is a free for all religion. And in many ways that is what Christianity has become in this country. A religion where everyone does what is right in their own eyes. The appeal the churches make is often not the founded truth of God’s Word, but emotional and shifting opinion.

The way we share the gospel. The way we preach. The way we try and dress ourselves for the world. These things reflect a church founded on experience. “This is how I feel about God. This is how I picture God. This is how I think things should be.” The standard of truth has become the current climate of our culture, or even our own hearts.

To make Christianity a religion of personal feelings and thoughts is a mistake. Christianity is not an emotional experience. It is not a philosophy of man’s devising. It is not another way to make you a better person. It is God Almighty revealing Himself in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. It was and ever is something revealed to the minds and hearts of men. It is historical fact, present reality, and a future expectation.

That is not to say that Christianity will not produce intense emotions. A sense of peace and joy. The unchanging truth of God’s Word makes way for a personal experience that is real. Instead of being against such experiences, the Bible grounds it in truth. But where the Scriptures are ignored, there error in personal practice and thinking flourishes.

As believers we are called to submit our entire lives to the Word of God. In thought, emotion, and action. Happiness and peace will accompany the true Christian. But on the days that they don’t, the truth is still true, and lies, no matter how persuasive or feel-good they may seem, are still lies.

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