Spiritual Methods

One of the areas that the Western Church misses it regularly is in the realm of trusting its methods over the power and influence of the Spirit. This is where you view of God’s sovereignty effects how you speak and act. If you are afraid that your actions can truly decide the eternal fate of another human being you will be careful in how and what you share with them. You will throw pizza parties, movie nights, game nights, and whatever other type of drawing event you can come up with to reach unbelievers. This is using man’s methods to try and achieve God’s results.

The early church was started in the place of prayer and sustained by that prayer. It was a Holy Spirit led and Word proclaiming church. When they were threatened, they didn’t rethink their methods, they went to God in prayer, asking Him for boldness and power. The lack of both in the church is tied to our lack of faith in the Spirit and trusting in the power of the gospel.

Publicly proclaiming Jesus Christ will get your hated and crucified in this culture. Yet it is one of the most Biblically sanctioned ways of spreading the message of the gospel. There is no such thing as proclaiming the gospel without words. There is also no such thing as a powerless praying church. Prayer and preaching, when combined, will rattling the surrounding community. Pizza nights may get a few people interested in attending Sunday morning. It even may be used by God to see a few kids saved. But the methods of the NT church are confirmed and validated by God over and over again throughout history.

Prayer, fasting, preaching the Word with boldness, letting the Spirit lead us. There are no substitutes for these things. That the American church puts such little value on them, shows why it has become such an ineffective and irrelevant institution. In order for there to be a change in our communities, there must first be a returning to the ways of God. The ways of Scripture. The methods of the Holy Spirit empowered church of the NT.

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