Abortion Is Murder

As I place my hand on my wife’s stomach, feeling the kicks of my little son; as I press my ear up against her to hear his tiny heart beat, I am struck with the insanity of abortion. The outright evil of claiming that this unborn infant isn’t a human being. Abortion is murder. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no justification for it. It’s time that people see it for what it is, repent, and oppose it with all their being.

One of the most deceptive arguments made by the pro-abortion crowd is that by having abortion available it protects women’s health. The truth? That abortion is never needed to save the life of a mother. In fact, if the doctors were to try and perform an abortion in an emergency (due to the time it would take) it would endanger the woman’s life even further. The safest route is to deliver the baby prematurely. While the infant may not survive, there is a decent chance that he/she may.

Why is this fact important? Because the pro-life cause has failed in this point over and over again. By allowing an abortion exception (for women’s health) they have given up the fight before they’ve started. You can’t fight evil with less evil. You have to stand on what is good without exception. This argument for women’s health has been the undoing of the pro-life movement. Instead of dealing with the murderous industry of abortion at the root, they have trimmed it’s branches and cut off some limbs. The tree remains so long as we make exceptions. So long as the life of any infant is able to be extinguished inside the womb, then our job is not done.

Don’t take my word for what I’ve written above. It is all laid out in the article and video I have attached below. May God grant Christians the fortitude to withstand the hatred and opposition of our culture. To stand on the truth in this evil day.

It’s Never Medically Necessary To Have An Abortion

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