A Short Letter To Those Who Identify as LGBT

I know that many of you feel broken and unable to satisfy the deep longings inside of you. You wish you could find peace and joy, and you think that acceptance will do it. You’re looking for salvation through societal acceptance and love. You believe that if you can get just enough people to receive you and your lifestyle, then you will feel fulfilled. But you will not find that love anywhere else but in Christ and His death on the cross. In that place His hands are open wide and His prayer is one of forgiveness for His enemies.

Christ found me when I was in darkness, when I hated His light and love. I didn’t want to change, but His power and goodness created such a change of heart within, one that I did not ask for. And since then I have been captive to Christ, captive to His Word. I am zealous for Him, not for my own happiness, but for His glory and praise.

For some of you this will seem like the rantings of a fanatic, but for others, perhaps it will spark in you a desire for something more. Sex will not fulfill you. Finding your identity in who you are attracted to will not satisfy. Neither will changing your pronouns, gender, or outward appearance. But I know of a Savior and Lord who satisfies. Whose grace, mercy, and love are better than life, and all the pleasures of this life.

He does not give us what we deserve, but instead showers us with life and gladness. The very breath we breathe is His gift to us. We have used His gift to curse Him. We have let our inner desires and passions drive us to disobey the One who created us, and the penalty for our sin is death and destruction. But we can thank God that He has provided a way out, a King who has suffered on our behalf. As a president represents his people before the powerful heads of the earth, so Christ represents His people before the all powerful God of heaven and earth.

I want everyone to know that love of Christ. To see their sin in the light of God’s goodness to them. To see that all they have, all that is good in their lives, is from His hand. And though we have hated Him and sinned against Him, yet He has extended a hand of grace. He deserves our all. He deserves our lives. All that we do and say.

I hope that this will find receptive eyes and open hearts. Thank you for reading.

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