Being a Republican is Not Enough…

As a Christian with a desire to see our nation honor God as well as live out His Word, I am typically expected to vote Republican (because that’s apparently the “Christian” party). But the longer I walk with Christ the more I have realized something about the right-wing party: it falls vastly short of everything that I believe represents Christ. I’ll point out four areas where it does so.

1. It is pro-life but does not really work to abolish abortion. For decades this party has run on this one point with Christian voters. And yet for all their talk, they have yet to actually end abortion. More than forty years of failure! Even when we have a Republican president, and both the Senate and House of Representatives are Republican majority, even then they can’t figure out how to ban abortion. The time is long past to adopt a new ideology for ending abortion. An ideology based in Scripture. An ideology that moves God’s people to action and that calls for the immediate ending of this holocaust.

2. They are warmongers. They love war. Anything to do with bombing foreign countries, deposing foreign dignitaries, and getting involved in nation building. There is very little question of whether the wars they wage are just. If there is a threat then the immediate option considered is war. War is the last option of a truly Christian people. Our endless wars have led to greater instability in the Middle East. Countless lives have been lost in the name of what? Our freedom? The war on “terror”? “They might attack us!” Yeah, well that makes it okay for us to invade their country and attack them first, doesn’t it? Picture China invading us because we “might” attack them, and you’ll see the insanity of this thought.

3. They claim to be for limited government, but really support the socialistic welfare state through social security and government run education. I get it, people think the government is meant to support those less fortunate. But that is not the proper limits of government. It turns the state into a thief, taking from people’s hard earned money involuntarily. The Biblical view is for the church to be the main source of voluntary charity. The state has no business in education or redistribution of people’s wealth in any form whatsoever. Giving must be willingly from the heart, not under compulsion.

4. They are dead wrong about immigration. They see immigrants as a threat rather than a blessing from God. There seems to be a disconnect in Christian’s minds. On one hand they oppose abortion even though it’s legal, on the other they consider immigrants as evil because they immigrated illegally. Legal, illegal, neither label decides what is just and good. What is legal may be evil. What is illegal may be just. The desire to move to a foreign country and start a new life, being a contributor to that society is never wrong. “They get on government welfare.” The government shouldn’t be involved in welfare to begin with. “They commit crimes.” Then they should be punished like everyone else. To assume that a group of people are automatically guilty just because they didn’t jump through the right bureaucratic hoops is foolishness. Especially when those hoops should not even exist to begin with!

You want to know something we should fear more than “the immigrants”? God’s anger against us for our mistreatment of the foreigner among us. If you read His Word you will see that the Lord severely punished Israel for “oppressing the traveling foreigner.” You really think God has changed in the slightest on this?

In conclusion, being Republican is not enough. It’s not enough to check that box on election day. It’s not enough to claim the name of Christ while ignoring the very real standards of His word. No, the way forward is not with the Republican ideology, but with a truly Biblical view of political issues.

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