The Gospel of Self

The church of America has fed my generation a subtle poison. It permeates our conferences, it flows ever-increasingly from our pulpits, it is found in our discipleship classes, it sounds from our radio stations, it peers out from our Christian bookstores. It is why a Christian can come out as gay, saying that he is being “true to himself.” Oh a lot of the church denounces homosexuality as a sin, no doubt. But this sin is only a symptom of a deeper problem. It is the fruit of the very teaching and preaching of the majority of pastors today.

Listen to a quote from Trey Pearson, a “Christian” musician who confessed back in 2016 to being homosexual: “God wants me to be healthy, authentic, whole, integrated and my truest self.” That is his justification. Do you know the tragedy of it? He didn’t just hear that from pop culture. That’s not something only a counsellor told him. He heard that from Christian leaders and teachers! He heard that self-actualizing garbage from the church. Because it is preached by the church. You leaders and blind guides (if you are preaching self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem then you are blind) will answer for young men like Trey.

This is the greatest cruelty today. Not the liberalism of the universities, not the left-wing politics of the democrats. Put all the evil influences of our modern society together and none of them, not even the sum of them, compare to this: that the church now preaches a man-centered, feel-good, self-help gospel. And this is why our society is falling apart at the seams. The cruelty of it! It is cruel to tell depraved men and women to trust in themselves, to follow their dreams, to build their self-esteem. You end up with men like Trey, who can only say that this is his “truest self.” And that’s the point, you false teachers and preachers. Sin is our truest self. Our self-life is the source of sin. As you feed “self,” you feed sin.

Until we come back to the message of the cross of Christ we will see no progress in our fight against sin in our ranks, or in our own hearts. Until we learn again the power of denying ourselves through the Holy Spirit, taking up our crosses, and following Christ, we will only remain hypocrites preaching a gospel that cannot save, a Christ that cannot transform, a Holy Spirit who cannot make us holy. Its time to wake up and recapture the essence of the gospel. That in Christ Jesus, we are made alive to God and dead to sin. That the love and grace of our Lord God demands our lives, our souls, our all.

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