Faith Vs. Sight

We walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor. 5:7

Faith is not a feeling. Though our feelings and emotions are not bad in and of themselves, yet they are not what we walk by. We don’t live by our senses, not as Christians anyway. Faith is complete reliance on and trust in God. Christ, when faced with the cross, was tormented with agony and sorrow to the point that He began to sweat drops of blood. Paul wrote of being so distressed that he felt the sentence of death within himself. David, the man after God’s own heart, the one who’s last words were “The Spirit of the Lord spoke by me,” this man sang of being laid down in the dust of death, of feeling alone and abandoned, of having to trust in God in spite of his fear.

My friends, your emotions are not guides to God’s will or purpose. A sense of peace or joy does not mean you are in God’s will. Neither does distress or inner pressure (tribulation) mean you are outside of His plan. We walk by faith. We trust in God’s Word. We seek the guidance of the Spirit. And when we have great peace and joy, then praise God! But let us praise God when we do not have such joy. Let us count our trials as joy, our fear as momentary, and our distresses as working in us the power of Christ. When we find ourselves with Christ in the garden, agonized and in pain, let us endure it “for the joy set before us.” That joy is knowing that God will be glorified in our weakness.

The Christian life is not a pleasant walk, it is a run through a battlefield. And if we do not push through our fears and feelings, we will not fight. We will not go through with losing our lives. We will only do “what we have a peace about.” We will only say what we are comfortable with in the moment. No, instead let’s walk by faith, not by anything else. Rejoice in tribulation, and look to Christ as you run this race. You will have joy and peace, but do not trust in these. Trust in Jesus our Lord.

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