Illegal Christianity

We Christians need to wake up in the West. I feel we are about as naive as they come today, ignorant of what goes on around us. Ignorance is not acceptable to a Christian. We must look to what is uncomfortable, what is hard, and be willing to expose the darkness. We do not hide from the darkness, we drag every one of its works into the light. Oh, when will we wake up once again and begin speaking the truth? Stop giving your time and money to ear-tickling preachers. Stop tithing to big business ministries that do nothing to further the gospel or help brothers and sisters in Christ. Stop it. Just stop!

You can say, “Well we didn’t know they were false, we didn’t know so and so was wasting money. We didn’t know that our money was going to greedy ministries.” That won’t cut it when you stand before the living and almighty God. Ignorance and naivety will not hold water when we give account before the Lord. We are under obligation to do whatever good that is in our power. When we see the innocent being led to the slaughter (Planned Parenthood) we should speak up! When we look on a nation that condones evil and silences good, we should join the spiritual fray and reprove it. But most of all when we see an arrogant lazy church that ignores the true issues at hand, who tithe mint, dill, and cumin, while ignoring the weightier matters of justice, compassion, and faithfulness, we are to not hold back but to declare God’s Word.

I am reminded of an article where a fellow brother was asking believers to help him spread the Scriptures in China. This man is on the front lines, sitting down with the house church leaders, hearing their cry and need. They need Bibles, and the reason they lack them is two-fold. One, the government church is not helping to provide them (they do not depend on the government, but these are poor people who can barely afford Bibles). Two, Christians over here think that China has enough Bibles, so they have stopped sending them. Why do they think this? Because they have been told that it is so by leaders and preachers.

This brother, named Paul Hattaway, laments that very many people in the West are ignorant that there is a famine of God’s Word among the Chinese. And here we are filling the coffers of Joel Osteen. Here we are allowing Televangelists to make merchandise of God’s people (without any hint of wide-spread rebuke and censuring by Christians and their leaders. Such men, Paul said, must be silenced [Titus 1:11], but who is willing to stop their mouths by the unashamed proclamation of truth?)

While we sit here, blind to the issues at hand, our enemy is conquering. We are silent about our brothers and sisters in persecuted lands. We refuse to help the truly poor and tithe to a worthless (yes, WORTHLESS) church system. The giving in the NT was always for the relief of the saints, but we take money from the saints and use it to build great big edifces, to fill the wallet of greedy and ambitious pastors. There is something seriously seriously wrong brothers and sister, and it needs to be made right. You will not escape the judgement of God because of ignorance. What we sow is what we reap. If we sow into the flesh (fleshly ministries, businesses that call themselves churches), then we will reap judgment. Now is the time to repent. Now is the time to proclaim without fear the truth. If you could get anything from this post, get this. You are accountable for what you do. Do not hide behind a false innocence and peace. Do not say, “Peace, peace,” when there is no peace. Expose the works of darkness.

The thing that most pressed me and even caused me to write this post, was one last detail that Hattaway shared as to why ministries have stopped giving to the Chinese house church movement. Because its illegal and its looks bad to give to what is illegal. Oh, lets stop this hypocrisy and ignorance. Christianity is illegal! It is counter to everything this world stands for. It declares a King that will not bow to sin or pride. A kingdom that is founded on righteousness and holiness. The gospel is the proclamation of Christ and His commandments, and it does not compromise.

The devil hates the truth. He declares Christ an outlaw and his followers fellow conspirators against him. And we are such! Let’s revel in it. We serve another King and another kingdom. We do not obey the laws and decrees of wickedness, we follow the Law of Christ. The Law of God. What is illegal under the governments of this world is the law and rule of God, and whenever we bow to such evil laws we are joining hands with the devil and telling him that he is our lord. There is no room in this. We must obey God rather than man. Don’t use your excuses, you know what is right trumps what is legal. The gospel is illegal in dozens of countries, but the kingdom of God advances by the force of faith and love. Not by physical violence, but by the violence of faith!

Its time for American Christians to stop living lives of hypocrisy. Paying lip service to the King of kings, while serving the god of this age. The ruler of this world is judged, his kingdom is passing away. Men and women of God, raise up the standard of Christ and do not draw back. For the sake of God, go forward in the power of the Spirit and do not be cowards. All cowards will have their part in the lake of fire. So be bold and courageous. Walk in the light of truth, let that transparency produce the fruit of righteousness, goodness, and truth in your lives. Stand with the saints and don’t you dare hide behind the cowering excuse that its illegal to do so. Those who will not have Christ to rule over them in this time, will have to answer to Him is the age to come. Yield to the Lord of lords, and be unashamed and uncompromising in the race set before you.

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