Man-Centered Or Christ-Centered?

Throughout the history of the church there have only ever been two types of believers. Those who are after their own praise and glory, and those who glory in Christ alone. It’s so subtle you might miss the difference. Both use the same terms, both speak about the same Lord, yet both have completely different motives. One is looking for their own happiness and contentment. Happiness (blessedness) will result from being a Christian (along with much pain and suffering), but it is the byproduct of finding in the Lord all our joy and pleasure. The true Christian looks to the author and finisher of their faith, Jesus Christ. Their delight is in His praise, they wish to see Him lifted high and adored beyond everything else.

Yet how many, oh how many, are in this Christianity thing for themselves? They are self-absorbed, they heard a gospel that put the focus on their fulfillment, on their satisfaction. The gospel of God’s reign and rule was not proclaimed to them, but a gospel of human-centered love. God loves us assuredly, but to take that love and render everything that Christ is and does to be for our sake and pleasure is to distort the gospel at its most sacred and fundamental level. All thing were made by Christ and for Christ. That is the heart of the gospel, the purpose of existence. At the end of the day we will see all things work together for God’s glory and praise. And those who follow Christ here in the West for their self-fulfillment and pleasure? They will not last, not when the truth is raised up, not when the fires of persecution arise on account of the Word of God!

And that my friends is where this begins, with the Word of the Lord coming back to His household, being proclaimed without fear. With His truth weighing and measuring everything found and taught. It starts today. It started centuries ago when the Lord first spoke to a Gentile world through a Spirit-empowered and Word-saturated church. It continued when a few reformers, scholars, and saints stood against a whole empire, against a corrupt and wicked church. The Word of Truth has constantly been the fire that purges God’s people, that exposes our hearts, that transforms our thinking.

And now the Spirit is calling us to press on toward the goal, the upward call of God. It is simply this: the submission of all things to the Lord Jesus, submission in love and the truth. This submission begins with us, “for judgment begins with the household of God”! Let us become submitted to the Word of Christ in everything we say and do. No longer letting leaders or our sins distort the gospel into a man-centered message, but re-affirming what our forefathers, reformers, and the church of Acts all once knew and proclaimed: that Jesus Christ is Lord of all!

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