The Idolatry of Relationships

There is an idolatry among Christians today that is very subtle. It doesn’t appear to be idolatry because it is cloaked in the language of love and friendship. It is the idolatry of relationships. The focus on relationships has replaced the centrality of Christ among his people.

It began very innocently telling people they needed a ‘love for souls’. Eventually it turned from souls to just relational happiness. From the beginning it was humanism, putting man at the center, and now we see the fruit of this ideology: false gospels, tolerance of homosexuality, rampant corruption in the churches. How is this justified today? Love, love, love. Grace, grace, grace.

Love and grace have become synonyms for tolerance! At the core of this tolerance is the relationship-centered thinking that has consumed Christianity today (no I’m not talking about knowing Christ). You have homosexual friends, well then they will slowly convince you their lifestyle isn’t really that bad. You have a sister who lives in fornication, well how can you speak out on sex-outside-of-marriage when you put up with her sin, why not extend some grace? The list goes on and on.

There is so much love today for people but such little for Jesus Christ. Who loves the Holy God which we serve? Who is willing to love righteousness and hate wickedness? And when the time of testing comes willingly slay the idol of Isaac on the altar? Who will ‘hate father, mother, brother, sister, wife, children, even their own life’ in comparison to loving Christ?

The idolatry of relationships is very real, and if we don’t deal with it, then we will compromise true love which rejoices with the truth. We already have compromised, God is being robbed of His glory, and truth is fallen in the streets. Will we deal with our idols or are we just going to stand by? Return to Christ church! Return to your first love! If we will not, then the light is out and there is no more hope for this nation.

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