The Incarnation

How little do we meditate on the deep things of God? The Incarnation is the truth that the Pre-Existing Son of God was made flesh, taking on the nature of humanity and “being found in the form of man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on the cross.” It is not a footnote of the Gospel, it is the centerpiece, without it there is no salvation, there is no Savior. To our own detriment we ignore these mysteries, we fail to dwell on the beauty of what is deep and beyond reason (not contrary to reason, just beyond it). Instead we focus on the simple, trying to demystify God and His Word.

Paul faces it without flinching, he is unafraid of what might not make sense to us, because he breathes the air of inspiration he cannot help but take delight in God’s truths. He would never simplify things are we have today with the trite idea that “all that matters is a personal relationship with Jesus.” That is American individualism at its worst, with a personal God that doesn’t really affect anything outside of our personal sphere. “He is God to me, but its okay if He’s not your god, what works for you works for you.” No! He is God of all, the Lord of every living thing, and because He has paid such an infinite debt we all owe Him our allegiance and love.

When the Son of God entered into this world He took on the nature of man, and in doing this He made it holy, removing the hostility that once filled our minds and hearts. Paul tells us that if we are in Christ we are a new creation, all the old has passed away, everything becomes new! This is not some foreign creation that has no relation to the old, it is the original intent of God being realized in His crowning achievement of creating: human beings made in His image and likeness. Jesus, who is the image of the invisible God, came to restore God’s image in us. By taking on human nature He eternally joined humanity to divinity, He reconciled us back to the Father. We are now made partakers of the divine nature through grace, grace entered into by faith. This is entering into Jesus Christ, being born-anew and tasting the goodness of the Lord.

I hope for those who are my brothers and sisters in Christ, that this little post will spark a hunger in you to know the Lord Jesus in a deeper way, to understand (to the point any created thing can comprehend the Uncreated) a little bit of the joy of the unsearchable riches that are to be found in Christ.

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