You may be asking yourself, “What in the world is a Catechism?” It is a set of written instructions in a question and answer format, used to teach the Christian faith to someone who is unfamiliar with it. These written instructions were to be memorized and recited. Sounds kind of dull doesn’t it? And yet Catechisms used to be widely used among the churches. It was recognized that the faith had to be instilled in the next generation in a methodical and practical way.

Look at it like this. A fire needs fuel to burn. A train needs tracks to run. A Catechism is like wood for the fire of the Holy Spirit to burn. It is preparing a heart to receive the life of God. Whether a child is truly saved or not, the knowledge of God’s Word is of infinite value. Once the Lord decides to ignite the flame of faith and love in a human heart, that person is already prepared to teach and preach the word of truth. What was once learned by rote, simply knowledge in their head, becomes precious truth that the new believer can cherish and rejoice in.

Since I myself am to be a father soon, this idea of a Catechism has captured my thinking unlike it did before. I want to pass on the faith to my children and to my children’s children and so on. So my hope is that by writing this Catechism I may not only teach my children, but encourage others to learn the teachings of God’s Word. May this be used for His glory and the maturing of many!

(I am currently working on the Catechism and will post it once it is finished).

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